Original Plays

With the support of the Agency for Substance Abuse Policy and other individuals and organizations, the Arts Commission produces an original play each year.  The program began in 2018 and since has provided free performances to over 5800 students and adults.  The goal of the program is to build students up to be healthy and productive persons who recognize, appreciate and share their own talents and those of others.

Productions include:

2018 “The Tipping Point” by Liz Orndorff

2019 “The Convergence of Desire” by Liz Orndorff, musical numbers by Mike Archer and Elijah Brown

2020 “The Piano Paradox” by Liz Orndorff, music composed by Travis Kern and Brett Higgins

For information on supporting this program contact the Arts Commission at arts@historicdanvilleky.com.

The program was interrupted during Covid but has returned.  Beginning in 2023, the original plays will be presented for middle schools in the area on a rotating schedule.  “The Tipping Point” will be performed for the public on February 23rd at 7:00 at CentreWorks (above the HUB).  The performance is free.

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