Arts education matters

Your support of this program will allow our youth to better prepare for a more productive, more satisfying future. Attend our next fund-raising event, the Art-full Affair, May 16th and 17th, 2019, or make a cash contribution to the Arts Commission at 105 E. Walnut St., Danville, KY 40422

Why support us? Arts education

  • strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • adding to overall academic achievement and success
  • helps stimulate and develop imagination and refine cognitive and creative abilities
  • helps develop a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and goal setting—skills needed for success in the classroom and beyond.
  • allow students to develop a positive work ethic and experience the satisfaction of a job well done

It is our youth who benefit most from arts education. In this time of state-wide budget cuts, the importance of providing opportunities to expand arts experiences outside the public school environment is self-evident, especially since statistics show that students who are regularly involved in arts activities or who are exposed to art and culture do better in the classroom. Participation in arts activities beyond those offered in a school’s curriculum benefits children from kindergarten age through high school.

People in the arts have a passion for what they do, and arts involvement helps youth develop such enthusiasm. In any profession, caring about what you do is essential for self-fulfillment and paves the way for financial success. Arts participation helps develop other desirable qualities, too. Preparing for dance, music, and drama performances provides opportunities to learn cooperation, memorization, mental discipline, presentation skills, and punctuality. Art and literature typically offer a lesson in human nature. Overall, arts participation helps develop empathy and an awareness of another’s point of view—all characteristics necessary for a productive society.

Creativity and arts training are directly applicable to more professions now than ever before. The number of people who make a living from artistic or cultural creativity has nearly quadrupled in the past 50 years. Whatever the future holds, the individual who is prepared to rely on his own creative resource is best suited to adapt to change.

To help, Contact Mimi Becker or call 859-236-2361, ext. 111 for more information.

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