Our Mission

Since the organization was founded in November of 1998, we have been guided by the following statement:

The Mission of the Arts Commission of Danville/Boyle County is to provide a corporate voice for the arts within the community through direct contact between the artists and both governmental and nongovernmental agencies. The Arts Commission will promote and facilitate the work of individual artists, artists’ organizations, and arts and cultural festivals. The Arts Commission also will provide technical support for existing and future arts organizations, acting as a bridge between the arts, education, and business communities.

The Arts Commission acts as a liaison between local artists and governmental and/or non-governmental agencies to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote arts education for everyone, from young children to senior adults.
  • Bring diverse people together for positive experiences through the arts.
  • Facilitate activities that feature local artists and downtown businesses for the economic benefit of both.
  • Foster creative expression to help people enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
  • Create networks of personal interaction through artistic pursuits.
  • Promote an active arts culture that attracts professionals, providing an environment where they can thrive and mentor youth.

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